Squat Depth Check

I am very new to powerlifting and loving every minute of it. I am hoping to compete in my first meet at the beginning of October, but recently became very paranoid that my squat depth might get me red lighted. I mostly train alone at this point so it is hard to judge other than watching myself in the mirror and would welcome any help you guy can give me.



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It looks like you are about at parallel. I would give you a white light but a more conservative judge may not. Start training a bit deeper and maybe add some pause squats about two inches deeper than this video.

Put up a video of a weight at or near what your opener would be so we can see how close you cut it during a real attempt.

What federation are you looking to compete in?

I little high depends on organization and judge once you go lower takes i while to adapt but worth it, i,ve seen world records set in equipment triple ply suits that were 4 inches higher than yours, i long time training partner of mine squats better 2 inches low than 2 inches high but he is 5,4, watch eric Lillibridge lift hes rock bottom until about 75% than he chops it higher still below parallel.

Sounds good. . I go heavy squats on Saturdays so I will put one up this weekend of one closer to my opener.

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The meet in October is APF which I believe is also part or the same as WPC.

For APF it would be borderline.

What you do at the meet is wrap your knees so that the end of the wrap ends up on top of the knee. You then tuck it in to create a slight bulge above the knee surface. Gives the illusion of depth.

This is clearly high.


About 2 inches high bro…looks like you’re going forward and your knees are tracking out over your feet…if you get more back on your heels, it’ll be easier to hit depth…

Train low, compete as high as you can get away with. You look INCREDIBLY limited in your dorsiflexion (ankle mobility). Fixing that would help your depth. Honestly, that looks so limited that I cant even tell if you have any other issues going on. You have a severe navicular drop (when the bulk of your ankle slips over/down into the arch of your foot). That will not only limit your depth and weight, its also dangerous as shit. Check this out and give it a shot:


Ignore the deathless performance thing. It doesn’t exist anymore… because I killed it.