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Squat/Deadlift Programs


JW. is there any specific squat/deadlift programs focused on boosting ur squat and deadlift.


Any powerlifting oriented program is going to focus on squat, dead, and bench. If you really want your squat to shoot up, do smolov, if you want your deadlift to shoot up, do the coan deadlift program. Both of these at the same time would be suicide.

Either of those will make those lifts shoot up, but it is difficult to make great gains in both at the same time.


thanks i appreciate the suggestion and i will look them up.


If you search this message board a whole lot of guys on here have gotten huge squat gains with smolov, as well as some with coan. Smolov is more of a sure thing it seems, you can't squat 4 times a week and not get a stronger squat.


Yea... maybe i'll think about doing both. not at the same time ofcoarse but how ever long the program is i'll do it for than the next one.