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Squat/Deadlift Form Check

So this is my squat. I have made good gains recently with Starting Strength. However I know I need to improve my form. Lower back rounding when I get low is a problem for me, how do I fix this? Is there anything else you see that I can improve on? Sorry about the terrible quality, if the quality doesnt allow you to adequately see the video to critique my form, then I will try to post a new video. This is 265x5 my PR is 300x3x5.

Here is the Deadlift. This is what really confuses me: I can squat 300x3x5 however I failed to deadlift 285 for 5 reps. My PR is 285x4. My only guess is that it is something with my form. The weight in the video is 265 pounds.


Just some things I noticed right off hand on your deadlift, a better quality video would help a lot on both because I can’t tell much of anything on your squat. I would get tighter before you start the deadlift. I think of it as loading a spring. I try to grip the bar and take any slack out of it as I drop my hips into position. When you get in your down position get your eyes up. You are looking down at the ground or somewhere else but you are not looking up. Get your eyes up and that will help keep your chest up and back flatter. It did not look all that bad aside from that. When you start pulling really focus on squeezing the glutes and driving your hips through. Keep working.

Thanks jsmiley, anyone else?

Dude do you have some form of a light allergy? Do you drink blood or something. Seriously man, I was waiting on that clown from SAW to pop up there for a min, lol

Is that a video of a camera screen of an earlier recorded squat? IDK, based on what I could see your form was not terrible. Maybe get a cleaner video?

Need a better video. Would be glad to help if we could see a bit better.

Need to get your hips lower and drive your hips hard into the bar. Like everyone else says that’s about all I can tell with the quality.