Squat/Deadlift Form Check

I’d say there’s a lot more in the tank on the deadlift. Squat was super deep but I’d get the bar off your neck and maybe not take a 1/2 mile walk out. Try filling your belly with air and pushing your elbows under the bar.

If that’s your son, that’s a total blast.

That was awesome.

That was great how he started to strip the weights then got distracted. lol

I love the arrrrrrr coming out of the hole.
Cute little squat rack you got there.

Awesome love it!

Fake!! Steroids!!

Very impressive, but there’s competition lurking.

hmm, anyone else notice he almost started to press that squat? the weight lifted clear off his back. next CYC?

Graet posts guys.

Even if that “bar” is nearly weightless, I’m impress with the little tike’s grip strength for that deadlift.