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Squat/Dead Question

My dead lift is way ahead of my squat. My best in a contest is a 325 sq and a 410 dead lift (raw). These lifts are consereritve, beacuse all of my last attemps are easy. Is there something more I need to add in order to improve my squat total? My last 3 ME SQ days I have done:
2 weeks SN grip DL
1 week GM’s , next week will be GM’s too, and I will follow these with 2 weeks of Cambered Squat Bar GM’s, then I have a meet on the 26th of feb. I use the normal westside split And my assistance exercises are either a form of a SLDL and a form of a back extention, or RDL’s.
Thank in advance

Why are you taking easy attempts on your last attempt? I always shoot for the stars on last attempts.

Are your lifts still improving?

I’m in the same situation than you:
squat 450
Deadlift 550
178 pounds

Youi may be dolicomorph and that may explain the fact that your deadlift is far ahead. Leverages explain that sometimes more than training, for example you probably have long arms that help you limit the range of motion of the deads(plus tall people often use the sumo version). But for the squat long legs is not an advantages at all! To add to that if you have a long torso you may have more chance of bending forward and this often limits the weight you can use in squats.

Too have more informations on dolicomorph/brachiomorph training see that link:


Also Mr.Charles Staley admitted an error occured in that articles. When you see brachiomorph read dolicomorph and when you see brachiomorph read dolicomorph.

You can decrease bad leverages disavantages effects, but you will never destroy them entirely.

keep fighting