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Squat/Dead Form, Pics of Progress


Hey guys im one month into stronglifts 5x5 after not training at all (well rarel for the last year due to some joint issues that seem to be gone now i have posted in other threads about them)

i was training almost 2 yrs solid before my break, and from memory my PB's in squat was like 200x12 reps (rough weight cant remember) same for deadlift and bench was bodyweight 180lb not sure of reps i used to get. reason i never had a 1RM was cos i had used all my weights and bar was full. i am either gonna buy new oly set or just use the gym near college when i get to that weight.

i was doing some bits and pieces the previous month just to get my mojo for it back again,then i started 5x5 program as i needed some sort of discipline to keep me on the right path, i will say at the moment i am really liking the program and enjoy getting new PBs every other day it keeps me wanting to do it

i will post some videos of my squats and deadlifts now and in the next few days will post bench an OHP and row as i want to make sure i am not doing it wrong (form)

weight has always been a struggle for me, always been tubby/fat so my main goal is really to just get strong again and shed fat.Time is not a panic for me if it takes several months so be it i just want to do it right.

thanks for any feedback.

also the vids on my PC play fine but they may come out sideways (iphone sorry)

morning 7am oats
10am -11am banana and apple
12-1pm i have a tuna salad no bread etc on off days/if its a workout day i have wholewheat bread
4:30-5pm i have proper meal i eat chicken or tuna or turkey or fish with a good sized portion od broccoli and either basmati rice/brown rice/1 mediumbaked potato with skin on or maybe once a week wholemeal pasta.

6:30-7pm on workout days i workout then make lunch for next day and drink a protein shake

9pm i have a hard boiled egg or two rice cake with peanut butter

(i struggle to eat at night as hard to know what to have )


thats all i have for now any feedback appreciated

i realise i need to lose a lot of fat i am not sure of my bf% and at the moment its not a worry cos i know its high and something i have to work on

any tips for my diet or form really appreciated

on my squats i find from looking that the vids im going down really fast and it looks like its causing me to bounce a little in the hole*

i used to do 12 reps of contolled up and down etc but the guy on 5x5 says dont worry about that ,thats for bodybuilding ,our aim is t move weight etc

anyways i will wait for feedback thanks again


height 5 ' 9"
weight 180 -185lb
ages 39 soon


Are you pulling off of pins in that deadlift video? It doesn't look like the plates are hitting the floor.


yes off pins as the plates are not proper sized so if i pull from floor im bending down to almost ankle height i think olympic or proper plates are more mid shin level so i adjusted the pins

is that a bad thing?


You're actually making things more difficult for yourself this way. When the bar rests on pins, you don't get the appropriate amount of flex in the bar when you start the pull, which makes breaking the inertia more difficult compared to if the plates were on the floor. See if you can find some way to elevate the PLATES instead of the bar. I use rubber patio tiles to achieve that in my training, but wooden blocks would work as well. I think if you did that, you'd see some immediate improvements in deadlift numbers and the movement would feel more natural to you.


I don't consider that to be a problem. Depends on your goals though. I would personally like to get as much bounce out of the hole as possible if it would give me better squat numbers. I imagine it's less useful for bodybuilders.


thanks! i will be hitting my max plates soon anyways so will be either buying a proper set or using the gym near college which is a really good gym i used it before,i will see can i prop the plates in the meantime thanks for input,

as far as the other stuff goes would u say form looks ok on squats and deads?



cheers , i was more worried could it cause any type of injury?


I don't have any experience with high bar squatting, and until the deadlift set-up is squared away, I don't really see a lot of value in checking the form.

Honestly, internet form checks are pretty worthless in my experience. I think there is value in learning things about adjusting your set-up, but the actual form (ie: how you look when you are moving) tends to really be dependent upon the set-up. Most times though, it devolves into beginners advising other beginners on how to remain beginners. If you aren't feeling pain and you're confident with your form, I say full speed ahead.


cheers will def try sort a proper deck for the deadlifts, if not ill just join gym sooner than expected.


I disagree. Much of the value of an internet form check comes in the form of confidence and peace-of-mind. Speaking for myself, I was able to work up to weights that could literally cripple you by applying what I've read in books and online, youtube videos, etc. All the while I was totally unsure of whether or not I was even doing the movements right, because there was nobody I knew in real life doing those movements with any notable poundage.

I had people tell me I was doing it all wrong, people telling me I was doing it all right, and with less than a year under the bar I had no way of knowing who was right.

Posting a form check thread on T-Nation and having some very strong and accomplished lifters give me what amounted to minor critiques instilled quite a bit of confidence in me to continue pushing ahead, not to mention highlighting some good ways to improve.

On this I agree completely. On gaining confidence, see above.


We will have to agree to disagree.


This seems to be almost your catchphrase. I wish more people would think like this.


Nice squat form, same for the deads. I think you're on the right track and just need to make adjustments as you go (i.e. rethink your form and training template when/if you run into issues); for now, you seem to be doing fine. And you don't look fat. You're not super lean either but that's ok for now.


Only problems I see is that you seem to standing on your walls. Also you may want to get some vitamin D in your diet judging from your profile picture.

Jokes aside, form looks fine


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Haha, thanks. I have seen enough internet flame wars to know that pursuing it much further than this tends to just go in circles. We're all logical beings that came to our own conclusions from our own experiences. I have no need to be right/convince others that I am right.


The ability to disagree with someone and still maintain respect for them seems to be a lost art.


cheers for input guys :smiley: i'll top up on the vit D :smiley: