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Squat Day Music: Widowmaker Set Suggestions?


I got AM I DEMON by DANZIG as my go to. Anybody else ? Start dropping songs so we can feed off it cause music matters . BIG TIME Thanks JIM for COFFINWORM START SAVING FOR YOUR FUNERAL.
Blew me away

Any genre I listen to everything. Just no top ten shit on radio please


I don't use headphones while I train, but if I'm on my way to the gym for a big PR attempt ....

Nothin but dirty gutter gangsta rap. M.O.P., the LOX, A-Team, Diplomats ... Somethin hard. Sorry Jim (I'm assuming he doesn't approve).


Thanks dude. Love that stuff too. I grew on N.W.A. Definitely check out your picks


for any weightlifting or exercise in general its metal. depends on what you like at the end of the day.


Lord Mantis - all of Pervertor and Body Choke, Negative Birth off of Death Mask.

Some of the best music you will ever hear and you can feel the tension between members. This is sick music for sick people.


Unpopular opinion for music while lifting, but

this sends chills up my spine no matter how many listens


Every human loves Marduk.


This will seem like a joke, but it isn't. I listen to "woman with acoustic guitar playing in coffee shop" music while lifting. Not folk music, but very relaxed, Sunday morning, lots of feelings and butterflies and women in sundresses and boots.

My wife says it's because I'm a contrarian. That or I secretly want to be a misunderstood twenty-something girl just trying to make it in the big city. Whatever the reason, it puts me in a mood where I want to squat or press the barbell through the ceiling.

Most of my favorite bands are angry punk bands. Listening to them relaxes me rather than pump me up.


one of my favourite long time bands... pretty sure youre into these as well jim!


This is one of best songs Ive heard - all their new stuff just rips.


good shit! :slight_smile: always after some new bands to listen to.


Immediately fell in love with Vile Divinity on Pervertor. That feeling of impending doom at the start and then at 1:20 they drop that RIFF !!! These guys are something special. Thanks a ton Jim. Appreciate it. I'd add Wire - Pink Flag to the list. One of my favourite albums of all time.


enjoys weight lifting with an erection


This! We don't usually listen to music when we lift, but when we are in the mood; Pandora set to Bad Religion.


Allman Brothers
1978 all over again


Two of my favorite for 20 reppers... musically technical and intense.



If you do the widowmakerset correctly, you are forced to listen to some kind of speedmetal played by only two instruments: heart and lung.



I find I only need the music for the first 2 reps and then I go immediately to hell to squat with satan. But I usually start with old all shall perish, or thy art, but a lot of viking metal. Viking metal for the win