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Squat Daily?


the article on here says to squat daily and dl 2-3 times week...wow hows that possible???anyone try it? would u do high reps squats or multiple sets of low reps?


its noting new. Alot of olympic lifters squat every workout; coach thib said several times how he squats five days a week, 2 workouts and 3 days "practicing". One way is using 80% of your max 3rm, and working up to it than waving up and down


Its not for powerlifting, its for olympic lifting.


that kid who trains under Broz is no joke though...if I remember right--he benched 500 raw and he doesn't even train bench? If I'm remembering right, the kid tripled 700 lbs. raw...and hit 800 for a single?
Kind of makes you wonder.


it doesn't say deadlift 2-3 times a week... it says max deadlift 2-3 times max a YEAR


I have no doubt it will make you strong, that kid is also a freak in the best way possible.


I don't want to do that, I have other hobbies. Anyone heard of diminishing returns?




Just gave it a shot this week and squatted 6 times so far, and plan on squatting tomorrow as well. What I found interesting was that I would wake up sore (I train first thing in the morning), after a hip and glute warm up and a warm up set of squats I would no longer be sore and the soreness has decreased every morning.

Within the 6 days I have increased my 5 rep max by 5 lbs on back squat and 10 lbs on front squat, my technique has also improved significantly. It is to early to tell if this method works well for me in the long term but I think that I will respond quite well in terms of strength and size gains.


IMO Greatest article ever written. Everyone should read.



It makes me wonder what he would bench if he trained like a powerlifter.


lol good thread.


He would probably be able to lift more, since training for max power in olly lifting dosent fully develop maximal strength


No doubt he would bench a lot more, but an 800 raw squat? Those arent that common. I think a lot of people just believe it isn't possible to train squat that often, but olympic weightlifters have been putting up insane raw squats for decades, and they don't even train to squat competitively. of course it's going to be ill-suited to equipped meets in PL, but I really think people just dismiss it without understanding it or giving it a really fair chance with a good coach (not saying that of you individually of course!).

I do certainly understand the idea that people don't have 12 workouts a week to give to the gym. That is certainly valid, and people have been getting strong on Westside and other methods as well. But I personally would not dismiss it as ill-suited to raw powerlifting off hand.

EDIT--i seem to have wandered off your response. Yes, I think he undoubtedly would bench significantly more!


I will just repeat what I wrote in the above linked thread:

If squatting 1 day a week is causing an increase in your squatting strength, do it. If squatting 6 days a week is increasing your squatting strength, do it.

One is not better than the other.


And I will thoroughly agree with that. But, what if say, squatting 5x a week gave you faster progress and was your main goal to increase? I think at a certain point, we stop talking about progress and start talking about rate of progress. Besides, how will you know if you dont try?


I wonder what those Oly lifters with 'insane raw squats' would be squatting if they trained like powerlifters?


do hear what people are saying about figuring out what they make the best gains on, though. and about work capacity being something that you can build up.

i've been wondering for myself whether i'd make better strength gains on squats if i squatted less. guess there is only one way for me to find out.


I have made some of my fastest gains, on squats specifically, by doing short bursts of high-frequency training. Not five days a week (I think it was three. It's in a thread around here somewhere), and only for a few weeks, but definitely made a big jump. After I hit my 315 bench press, I'm probably going to focus on legs again using high-frequency.


This is good.

OP, take this advice. Just do it smart and see what happens. If not, then you can always go back (because you worked out smart and didnt hurt yourself).