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Squat Critique

Ladies, and Gentlemen,
I have a question for you. I work out at home in my garage at odd hours due to my job kids etc…
Last night while doing squats. I purposely used a 5 gallon paint bucke t and set it up just beyond my rack. I loaded my bar, got into position and pulled 3 perfect sets. I intentionaly set the bucket up so when I squated my glutes would touch the bucket. This little trick allows me to go lower than parrallel and get a really good burn. I also find it very useful when concentrating on lowering the weight at a slower pace, and not having to worry about a knee wadding up while decending. Another thing I like too is I can pause before I bring the weight back up.
I adopting this idea because I lift alone and I like to lift heavy this offers me an oppurtunity to, if necessary to pause and gain composure , or dump the bar if necessary. When using the bucket and squating I can do normal sets with my quads below the normal plane of parrallel, not quit ass to grass.
The question I have is, has anyone else tried something of this nature, and what kind of results did you get? Is it worth the added effort to go ass to grass?

You basically explained a box squat. Yes they are good for training out the hole of the squat.

[quote]bullpup wrote:
Is it worth the added effort to go ass to grass? [/quote]

Yes; how often though depends on your goals.

Great for balancing out the knee joint (VM/VMO development), hypertrophy, and what some folks call “honest” leg strength (more load directly on legs, less on back and glutes than a PL squat).