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Squat Critique

It has been a while since I have done squats and I was wondering if I could get some advice. I feel that if I can get my form down it will help me achieve my goals faster and safer.

Looks good, one thing I see is that your rolling forward onto your toes slightly, most likely due to the heel in the shoes you’re wearing.

Get some better shoes for squatting. Running shoes are too squishy, get some Chucks or something. If you don’t have enough ankle mobility, you can always elevate your heels with some plates or a 2x4. The more solid your heels are planted to the floor, the better you’ll squat.

Make sure your hips don’t rise faster than your shoulders. When your in the bottom, think about pulling the ends of the bar to your feet really hard and that will probably clear that up. It’s not terrible, but I think I do see that issue.

Thanks for the advice. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner I didn’t think this post actually went through due to my work internet being shit.

I went to a powerlifting gym I discovered by my house and my shoes were the first things they commented on. I will be getting either some wrestling shoes or some shoes designed for powerlifting.