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Squat Critique


I'm wondering how my squat looks? Most specifically my depth. And I'm wondering what I should work on and how to keep my chest up. I've tried keeping my back arched and staying tight, but I can't seem to maintain it. Is this a technique thing or strength thing? How could I fix it?


The one you got looked at least a little bit high. Actively try to push your knees out the whole time and I think that will help with depth.

It doesn't look like your getting much hip/glute/ham drive in the bottom. It looks like you might be tracking your knees over your toes. If that's true (or close to true), you might need to sit back further.

For what I just said, I recommend box and/or pause squats.

Are you pushing your head into your bar? Try it if not.


Eyes up, chest up. It looks like your looking slightly down. That's the first thing I would fix.


You need to get a little deeper and sit back more in the hole. Also, knees out will help. To keep the chest out, you need to strengthen your upper back. Try some face pulls, band pull-aparts, and high rows for that. Also, it doesn't look like you have a belt on. If not, getting one will help if you learn to brace against it while pushing out your abs.


Did you put the bar up on your traps or rear delts? It looked up high and I think moving the bar down a bit would be the first change to experiment with.




How do you set up under the bar? That part seemed to be edited out. When I'm setting up, a big part is driving my upper back into the bar and getting under it before I even pop it off the pins. It's hard to tell but from the look of your upper back, it almost seems as if the bar is just kind of sitting on your traps rather than pulled into them. Like another poster said, you may try putting the bar a bit lower on your back and trying to bend it into your back rather than just having it sit there. In my opinion, that makes it more active and you're able to push back coming out of the hole.

Also, any song about Apple Bottom Jeans, takes at least 20lbs off your squat. That's the truth.


When you set up take a big breath before you take the weight off of the pins. Then you let the air out a little bit, sort of like when you fill up a tire. Then before you start you take a big breath into youe abdomen again and give'er. You are high, and I am being nice. Metal makes you squat more!


Film from the side at knee hight, then depth can be better judged.

From what I can see, what you need is: Squats, squats and more squats.

And work on technique all the way. See the Squat RX clips on youtube.

-- Stallion


Thanks everyone. I'll definitely try these things out. I think you're right stallion. I'm gonna stay away from maxing for a while and do 3-4x4-6 for a while. Hopefully all goes well!