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Squat Critique


Some background info is this is my 3rd set of 4 reps with 255 lbs., my technique obviously needs work, and i'm very quad dominant. I know this is warm-up weight for most of u here but I'd appreciate it if you leave tips for me to work on to improve my squat.


That's not a squat.


i should've put box squat sorry


Do yourself a favor. Drop the weight to 135 and lose the bench. Do some full deep squats. If the weight's too light, increase from there.


when you sit down like that -especially with weight on your back it increases the load on your lower back. You need to 1)lose the box and 2) drop the weight. Watch the video - you can see your back rounding as your leaving the box and that's good for nothing but expensive and painful issues. Your butt is supposed to graze the box on a box squat, not rest on it.


Wrong. You are supposed to deload onto the box. Unless you are just using it to measure depth. Then that's not even really a true box squat.


I'm not a great squatter

You're starting the squat at your knees and dropping down. I have no issues with learning with a box, but you have to sit back on it like a toilet, don't drop onto it like a chair. You should almost start to feel the box with the back of your leg and keep sliding back until your ass grazes it, then drive through the heels back up.


How could you tell that his lower back is rounding? His shirt is loose... And what's the idea of only grazing with the box? The main purpose of the box squat is to break the eccentric and concentric chain and be able to explode up after releasing tension on your lower body muscles (while keeping your core tight of course...). It is the MAIN purpose of the box, and yet you tell someone to not do it.

As far as his technique, I think it's fine the way it is. I am having a hard time seeing any lumbar rounding due to his baggy shirt.


I believe that this only applies when you're doing a wide-stance low-bar box squat. He seems to be doing it with a narrow stance. It is IMPOSSIBLE to not have your knees come forward without a narrow stance squat with GMing the weight when you go up.


If you are going to be using a box, do one of two things:

1: Use it to determine depth, and only graze the box.


2: A true box squat where you sit way the hell back (shins should remain stationary), pause and release the hips, and come up using your glutes, hips, and hamstrings.

Right now I am not sure which one you are trying to do, but either way - do not rock on the box. This destroys most of the carryover to your regular squat, re-inforces bad form, and contributes to your "quad dominance".


Thanks for pointing that out yardbird I'll def. do that next time i squat (along with widening my stance a few inches because in the vid I was shoulder width). I think type2b has it right cuz the main reason y i added box squats is to learn better technique through breaking up the eccentric/concentric (without the box i have a tendency to bounce the weight up later on in my set). I've been doing some basic hip mobility/stretches but if anyone sees anything from the vid that might be tight or weak let me know.


do what i did, get 4 or 5 mats (or pieces of carpet or something along that is your doing that at home) and just use 135 and just sit back until your at 90 degrees. so if you doint know what i mean yet, sit back a shitload farther so your knees are not over your toes. then use your glutes to get up. the better you get at it, the more mats you can take off.