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Squat Critique Please



shoot, how do you embed??


Don't you just put it in the file promt? Make sure the file type is appropriate.


Is this it bud. Looks decent to me, but i'll let the experts give you a better critique than i can.

For future reference just copy the url(the thing in the address bar). You had the html embed code, which i could get when i quoted your message. Copied and pasted to word and followed the link. Right clicked on the video and copied the url and bingo.


Granted I am no master of the squat, and am adjusting my form time and time again trying to perfect it. But the only thing I noticed from the video that you MIGHT want to change is elbows. You'll find its easier to lift if you bring your elbows under the bar, and imagine you're bending the bar over your back. Also when you do this ensure you maintain back tightness, because when moving the elbows forward, you risk losing tightness



this thread as posts that reinforce wut im telling you (although I made a goof)


Is this serious?

Do people really do squats with bands and chains to a foam box?

Next time you should add some reverse bands in and use a safety squat bar.



I thought the same thing when I watched it.