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Squat Critique/Hip Issue


So I have this issue where when squatting heavier weight I shift to the left a little bit when coming out of the hole. I believe it is my hips but do not know how to fix the issue. My brother thinks I should have evaluation from someone but I do not really want to spend a lot of money. Any ideas guys?? Thanks in advance! I really appreciate it! Here are some vids from my session today.


I'm not seeing it. Maybe because your camera is slanted. Maybe because it's not happening? Not sure.

Does kind of look like your left foot isn't toed out as much. Maybe rotate it 10 degrees out.

Otherwise, looks fine. Keep your knees shoved out.


Get your eyes checked.

OP: I'm hardly an expert, but I would start by getting your (lower+upper) back adjusted/cracked. It is easy and painless. You can do it yourself in almost all cases (especially lower back region). A misaligned vertebra could cause this.

Whenever something is out I do this

You will hear the pop. Best to do after a hot bath (or shower).


Haha, thanks for the responses guys. There are more vids on my channel that show it and it is obvious. Infinite, my back has been popped before but I know that is not the issue. I believe it is my left hip flexor because about every morning it pops, nothing like omg, but little pops like your toes are popping. I have tried really trying to loosen it up but I am not sure what to do about it.


Have you also popped the Sacroiliac Joint?


No idea what that is, sir.


I've had a similar issue, though mine looked a bit more exaggerated than yours.

I solved it by dropping the weight and focusing on form and shifting the weight onto the side that struggled.


Eyes are good.



It is due to dominant/non dominant side muscle imbalance/flexibility. Equaling out your flexibility between right side and left side will help, as well as making your non dominant side more equal in strength to your dominant. One legged squats on a bench/box will help(get a lower box/bench when it gets too easy.) Add weight if it is too light (heavy chains draped over your shoulders works great, if no access to those a weighted vest or just something that doesn't throw off your center of gravity.) Lunges can work good as well.

Other exercises out there can help, really anything that isolates(sort of) each side of the lower body. Always start each set with your non dominant side first and equal the reps with your dominant side. Don't do more reps with your dominant side even if you can, you are looking for balance between the two.

With equal flexibility/strength on right and left side this problem will disappear.


One could argue for overloading the non-dominant by starting with the dominant side and then matching with the non-dominant side by going all out one set then finish the rep count on subsequent sets. I'd add the condition that it's not a weight that you can't rep with on the non-dominant side or cannot recover with in a reasonable amount of time, especially if the non-dominant side is significantly weaker.


personally, I would just keep squatting and really focus on shoving your ass to the right so it doesn't go to the left lol. I think that these issues - one foot turning out more than the other, squatting with your ass farther to one side, etc - are fairly common. It is a simple imbalance of strength, flexibility. You have gotten comfortable doing a movement a little crooked. So, force yourself to do it UNCOMFORTABLY for a little while, videotape yourself to make sure it is correct, and eventually you'll get used to it. That is what I did when I realized I always squatted with one foot a little farther back/turned out a little more. For a while, it felt like I was only squatting using my right leg when I tried to fix it haha, but it LOOKED right, so I just kept doing it and now it is fixed.