Squat controversy

When we perform a back squat it is perfectly ok for the knees to pass over the toes (working the quads more in comparison to the gluets) ONLY if you have the flexibility to prevent the heels coming off the floor. ALL the force from the movement should be placed over the centre or the heels of the feet.
When you squat with your butt moving further back and knees not going over the toes, you will work the quads less and gluets more.
The reason why you hear this lot is because most people have poor flexibility in the ankle joints. Stretching may overcome this problem but not all the time. Working the antagonistic muscle groups will also help with flexibility of the agonists.
If you have below average calf flexibility then keep the knees back in your squats, which looks more like a deadlift.

I have been giving clients the knees over toes squat for a while now, not to mention myself for a few years and never had any complaints.


Correct me anyone if I’m wrong but isn’t it physically impossible to keep your knees at 90 to the floor throughout the motion of a full squat?

OK, so where’s the controversy?

Controversy being “knees not supposed to go over the toes cos its bad for the knees” even with the flexibility to allow. This with fewer people saying its fine for the knees to pass over.

most people around here don’t agree with that statement anyway. It’s old world mythology.

However, with all the interest in powerlifting lately, most people aren’t to keen on that type of squat though.

If it satisfies your goals, do it. Don’t worry about some bullshit controversy anyway.


So the controversy would be that allowing the knee to go over the toe is not bad–or not as bad as we have heard in the past?

My question would be is there any proof that allowing the knee to pass over the toe line is extra benefical to the quad more so than just doing a front squat and not testing whether or not it hurts the knee?