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Squat Conjugate Variations


What are the most popular squat variations? I seem to be stuck on front squat, box squat, and that's pretty much it. I have no bands, but I do have chains at my disposal.

I have my bench and deadlift variations down, I mean there is so much you can switch up with those two. E.G. Elevated, rack, deficit, etc. Bench lifts change merely by moving your finger placement in and out!


I don’t do many variations of squat haha, basically stick to back and front. But for the purposes of information… These are movements I could see being done as “max effort squat” movement

Heavy 5/4/3/2/1
-back squat
-front squat
-box squat to paralell
-low box squat
-squat from pins
-high bar, close stance squat OR low bar, wide stance squat (whichever isn’t the style you use. or both haha)
-safety bar squat
-zercher squat

Heavy 5/4/3 Good Morning

Just like bench and deadlift, you can change your squat ROM by putting the bar on pins, or raising/lowering the box you use. Also, just like moving your hands out on bench, you can move your feet in/out on squat. multiply those 8 max effort movements by the differrent rep-maxes, and there are 40 different ME workouts for you, plus 3 good morning ME days for good measure haha.


Front squats can be done off of boxes too. Great for deadlift start. Chains are a great change of pace too. You can also elevate your heels or if you lift with a WL already you could wear something like chucks, but I’d also change something like stance or bar position too so it’s not too similar.


You can also switch it up by changing the bar placement. High bar, low bar, etc.


Thanks, incredibly helpful…so I’m leaving west-side method for the time being, and am still about 50/50 about whether to return to 5/3/1, or continue with a conjugate method routine. I realize 5/3/1 isn’t conjugate, and while I like the 90% ideal, damn…5/3/1 is boring! Would it be appropriate to bring in conjugate lifts into the main lift, or keep them in the boring but big slot?

Anyway, I’ve been so used to monolift squatting in briefs, going back to oly squats after 6 months was devasting to my legs! I found it incredibly difficult to find my squat probably under 350 at parallel after reaching nearly 500 in briefs with a wide-stance.

Any tips on making the transition back to raw squatting? (I still can’t walk straight after 5 days)