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Squat Clean Form Check



I’ve been trying to learn Olympic lifts and would appreciate any feedback on my form.


So one thing I’ve noticed and began working on after watching this video myself is that I’m probably spending too much time in the scoop/power position and burning energy. The weight seems to go up a lot easier when I hit the second pull a little faster.


Ok… so in all honesty is looks a little rough, but you’re really doing some things right!

Tempo is your issue here, the “scoop” is not separate unto itself, but as you apply inward pressure with your lats and transfer your weight from your toes to you heels, the bar will drift toward the body.

If I were you, I would make sure I were spending time in lift variations and then do your full clean. So… Monday, power clean at 2-3 reps per set and then Your (squat) clean movements. We’d or thurs, hang cleans from the waist at 3 reps per set and then your clean movements and as a third day of cleans Saturday or Sunday do clean complexes where you combine a clean or a squat with the full clean. More time with bar in hand will be your friend.

Power cleans will teach you a snappy catch.

Hang cleans will teach you to pull under the bar.

Full cleans will bring it all together… just need more reps and once you get good - come back and we will tweak that technique and teach you to snatch.


Wow thanks. I’m gonna do this for awhile and then get back with another video.


You have a decent bottom position. Weightlifting shoes would help, look into getting some. You can find deals on eBay.

In the pull think tempo, the bar should increase speed throughout the lift. No pausing. You are fastest at the top of the pull.

Start wilh your hips a little higher and your shoulders over the bar.


Hey guys, just wanted to upload another full clean video after working hang cleans and power cleans for awhile.


So after that last video I’ve been working on using my lats to pull the bar in tight throughout the lift, pushing my knees back on the first pull and trying to meet the bar on the catch. I’m hoping working on those things will improve my technique and allow me to move heavier weights.


Honestly man for anyone just learning the lifts I would start with getting really fucking good at these 3 things:

Front Squats
Hang Clean (catching in full squat, not a power)
Clean Pull

And then put it all together. Right now what you are doing is going to fuck up your timing when it comes to the full cleans.

Starting position to knees look good.
Knees to full extension is all messed up. Sort of like a bad golf swing.
You look like your are pulling up vs getting under the bar.

I personally don’t like power cleans to full cleans. The timing and technique are different.

You look like you have long limbs. I would watch videos of some long limb lifters like the few guys from Colombia.

But keep working man. Olympic lifts take a LONG time to get proficient. Technique is king. Keep at it brotha!


Here’s another clean video.


That last video is the best IMHO!! Keep working on that pull and catch, but work to catch lower and shoulders more directly over the bar. Do NOT think about the scoop/knees under portion, it should happen automagically!!


Thanks for the feedback. I think working hang cleans like a few people said have been helping me to understand some things better.


You might check out YouTube. A lot of video of elite lifters available there.