Squat Check

I’m really making form a priority this time around before I test maxes again. Not just on my the comp lifts but the stuff I do to bring up my comp lifts since my method of training (westside) depends on it. So I’ll be posting up more form vids from time to time.

To start off, here’s a video of hip width stance parallel squats:

It was a heavy feeling triple although I probably had a rep in the tank. Anything that looks like it needs work?

I really like the way those look man. definitely using a LOT of quads, more than ideal for a perfect squat, but probably really good for you as an assistance movement. Was that 335? Also, how much wider do you normally squat?

Just 315. I usually squat shoulder width.

With those hip width stance squats there has to be a ton of knee travel so by back doesn’t cave in crazily. No choice but to use a ton of quad which is what I was looking for.

I’ll be posting my comp stance form soon but just with 60 percent. I want to really make sure I’m pushing my hips and knees forward.

Here’s a squat set at 60 percent:

And a deadlift at 60 percent using the form I practice for maxes:

I like the way the squats are looking. Definitely on the right track. Second one looks like your ass sinks just a touch further back than maybe you want, but overall they look good. Just keep working at that ankle and hip flexibility, and pushing those knees + hips forward.

The deadlift - I still think you need to keep your hips a bit lower. Look at yourself when you are setting up… you get into a great position, then pump your legs and go to rip it - with your hips like 6 inches higher. We have talked about this before - perhaps I am a little too cautious about my technique, and I would benefit from a little better ability to just rip weight. But I think you are the opposite. You’ve gotten pretty strong gripping it and ripping it, but I think you need to put a little more emphasis on precision of setup. Keep those hips low and fight to keep that back flat. as i’ve said before, I think if you put the time in to help balance out the amount of back you use with more leg drive, you are going to set yourself up to make some really big gains.

Hmm… I bet with the deadlift, just pumping my legs slower for that stretch reflex will make it a lot better.

I really thought the start position looked alright. I did notice that once the bar got just a couple of inches off the ground my hips started rising faster than shoulders. I think focusing on pushing my knees forward harder for longer will help that. I probably have the rip it off the ground with my back thing ingrained so much that at least for now I should just focus on forcing my knees and hips forwards until I get it all the way to knee level.

The irony is that I have better squat form yet it feels so much more awkward than deadlifting and is so much weaker lol.

Ok, so here’s the front squat vids that I’ve been putting off to give my wrist a chance to heal:

Your first back squat was great, I’m surprised you were wide and called that parallel, I thought it was below.

The 60% was loose. It looked like you were sitting down, instead of letting the weight push you down, and i see it more in your front squat. What I mean is that you have to tighten up, and not let that go, you’ve been letting it go in the hole. You resist the weight and hold form, hit the hole, rebound, lead with the head, tight guts, and get up. Make sense?

For front squats, you just need to stay tighter in the hole, your BS shows your flexible enough to hold form, you just need to get tigther.

Thanks for the pointers and welcome back!

Yeah, i made my first foray into personal training… I was fired after getting 13 clients in 2 months flat… better than people who had been there 1.5yrs… I was given no notice, and no reason for my termination… but i’ve got bigger ideas than PTing, so I’m not worried.

[quote]Mathew Bertrand wrote:
Yeah, i made my first foray into personal training… I was fired after getting 13 clients in 2 months flat… better than people who had been there 1.5yrs… I was given no notice, and no reason for my termination… but i’ve got bigger ideas than PTing, so I’m not worried.[/quote]

Guess you were making people jelly lol

lol, i think I just pissed off the GM… my fitness manager and most of my colleagues liked me well, enough… in my mind anyways

Vids should be right side up and time edited pretty soon. Youtube just needs some time.

All I would say is what I would say to pretty much anyone that squats - sit back more and push your knees out

Also, try squatting with flat shoes instead of oly shoes, your knees might not go forward as much

lookin good fletch. Squats 1 and 2 looked awesome. 3 it looked like maybe your ass drifted back a touch and the bar maybe got a little behind you, so you couldn’t use your quads and you were a little slow coming up. Its a slight differrence, but watch a couple times and see if you see it.

Deadlift looks good. Hips definitely in a better starting position this time, and they didn’t rise too fast at all. Keep at it dood

I noticed that on the 3rd squat too. I was trying to stay tighter and when I do that I mash into my hip flexors more so I have to resist letting them push me back. I’m going to just try staying conscious of that and emphasizing hip flexor mobility and even some foam rolling.

Like before, give youtube a chance to make changes.

I know my hips are drifting back on the ascent. When the weight gets heavy no amount of focusing and cueing prevents it.

What I was thinking of doing is abandoning the form I’ve been working on and doing things a little differently. I was thinking about squatting with a stance just a little narrower than shoulder width, but pushing my hips back as far as I can. I tried a couple back off singles with 315 like that in the same stance as the videos and I really liked it. There’s still a good bit of knee drift, still lots of pop out of the hole but I feel a lot more tension on my hams and glutes and can keep form better. And as long as I’m pushing my hips back as far as I can in that stance I don’t think the ROM will be much farther than my current squat.

It looks like your toes are pointing straight forward, have you tried pointing them out a bit? I found that helped me push my knees out and spread the floor easier.

Interesting idea fletch. The way you describe the form change reminds me of the videos i’ve seen of kyle keough (sp?) who posts around here, I’m sure you have seen them. He squats with his feet super cIose and sitting his ass wayyy back. I cringe at the way his squat looks haha, but he is a very strong strong dude, much stronger than I am, so maybe the change you’re thinking of would work really well for you, maybe better than the changes you have been trying to make.