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Squat Briefs?

I always have trouble getting my hips loose to box squat, and I reciently injured one of my hips (maybe a flexor or an abductor or something). I was wondering the benefits of using squat briefs, and possibly which brand/type would be the easiest to learn with the biggest benefit for someone with no experience using any type of gear. My current squat max is somewhere around 380 or so on a 15 inch box. I just bought the Westside Barbell squat workout tapes, and it looks like most of those guys use briefs for most of their training.

The breifs will keep you hips tight and afford you some protection from overuse injuries. Type to get? Try a few out. I started out in a pair of Inzer single-ply powerpants and, for myself, I feel anything more in training is overkill.

All I have to say, is learn how to squat (use light weights) before you go to gear. Second, if your hips aren’t loose enough to squat then gear isn’t going to help you (ok it might, but it’ll screw you later down the road). Don’t go heavy go light, learn the form, perfect it, and then start to add weight.

I squat 310 lbs. I usually work with 135-185 lbs. I’ll hit triples with 275 lbs once or twice a week.

If you have to go buy Magnificent Mobility* or buy Dynamic Squat Training Manual

Briefs are good, especially if you use a wider stance. If you aren’t concerned about getting lot of pop out of them and just want them to keep you hip joints tight, the powerpant or or the Titan DQ briefs will help a lot and they don’t cost much either- 30-40 bucks.

The briefs are, like Pinto said, especially important for those that use a wide squat stance.

The volume of wide squatting that’s involved with the westside template of PLing would kill your hips if you didn’t protect them.

I know, I neglected briefs and my hips have been hurt on and off for the last 3 months.

I just ordered a pair of Inzer Powerpants. They seem to be pretty common and well-liked from what I have read, at least for a cheap alternitve to the metal breifs. Basically, im just looking for support and not the huge caryover, so hopefully they provide this.

well a little late I guess since you already ordered, but I would get an extra 5-6 inches added to the top so you can lock them in place with a belt.

next time…

Yeah, i did my research and ordered 2 sizes larger than the chart suggested. Hopefully that is sufficient