squat briefs

I have been doing a Westside type routine for squat for awhile and with the wide squats my hips are starting to hurt a little bit and was wondering what squat briefs you guys reccommend, I am looking at the groove briefs, hd groove briefs, and the power pants and just wanted to know what would be the best.


I had the same problem. For me the cause was that I had a too wide stance when doing ME Low box squat.

Have thought about getting a pair of briefs as you do. (Getting old and a bit beat up :-). Was thinking about Metal Pro Briefs from Elite fts. Looking forward to see the replys from the PLvets here.

I have a pair of single ply power pants from Inzer. They do the trick. Keeps my hips tight. If you want to shell out the bucks, go with the metal pro briefs but for everyday training, I think they are overkill. BTW, if you get the groove briefs from Inzer, you may want to go one size bigger than the recommended size.

The metal briefs are by far the best brief on the market today…its really gives tons of support…I love mine…the only problems i have with them are 1. when you get them tight they become much like a squat suit in the fact it takes a lot of weight to hit depth…2. the $$$ there very expensive for a beginer or non competing powerlifter…the other briefs i love are the inzer power pants…you can hit depth in them with any weight maybe even the bar…and there by far the 2nd best breif i have used for support…plus there cheap you can get a double layer pair for 40$$$…they also come up high on the belly wich is good the other inzer breifs do not do this and the support is weak…so if i was you and money inot aproblem i would get the metal is money is tight go with the inzer 2ply power pants…bm