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Squat Briefs Leaving Marks



Now that that's outta the way, should my Titan squat briefs be leaving marks like the ones above?

Is that normal??


That's from one day's wear, by the way.


Unfortunately, yes, that can happen.


Hell yes that's normal, its called powerlifting, not bodybuilding. Try lifting some atlas stones and see what happens to your forearms. Toughen up dude!


other than the bruising how did you like them? And also did you use them under a suit or by themselves? thanks


Yeah, that's why I love powerlifting!

I was more just wondering if it was an issue of size/not fitting right.

And I haven't lifted Atlas stones yet, I've done some of the other events, that strongman stuff is a bitch.

Thanks for the replies guys.


you'll get those every time you use em.

eventually the marks turn darkish brown and leave a semi-permanent mark on your legs.


Imma be one sexy sumbitch.


I figured that was why you called yourself Ghost22. Made sense to me.


It's the beginning of summer, I'll get to a decent tan :stuck_out_tongue:

I'll be sporting a badass marble-like complexion by the time it's over.

EDIT: The only problem is the neighbours hate it when I spend all day outside in my speedo...