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Squat Briefs for Support


Currently, I squat in spandex shorts underneath my gym shorts. I'm looking for a pair of squat briefs that offer a little more support than spandex, but I'm not looking for any significant rebound effect (at least not yet). Does anyone have any recommendations? BW 217; SQ 1RM = 435, if that matters.


EDIT: I should also mention that I've looked through the threads that the search function pulled up, but I can't find the answer to my question. And, I know basically nothing about PL gear. Thanks again.


If you want the lowest amount of support, get the inzer power pants or briefs. Those don't offer very much support, but do help keep your hips tight and offer enough support if you have hip pain.


Cool. Thanks. I searched "power pants" and found another thread where you sing thier praises. Do you have any tips on sizing? Much appreicated.


I use an old champion suit with the straps cut off. Same concept as power pants. I think Inzer still sells the champion for about $40.


I get a LOT of carryover from loose power pants. Just warning you: anything that protects your hips is going to give you more rebound out of the hole. It might not be out of this world, but it will be there.


Really? Damn. I don't think I'm strong enough to start worrying about rebound out of the hole. I just don't feel like regular spandex gives me enough support. Do you have any other suggestions?


I know they are making briefs out of the 2 ply hardcore material now and calling them "power pants"...

Agree with Stews though, if they are strong enough to protect your hips, you will get some rebound. It is also likely that you will grossly detest squatting without them once you are used to squatting in them because it doesn't feel good, haha.