squat box

i’m looking to make box for squatting. any ideas on the specs on what to use? the more exact the better…thanks a lot


From Elite, http://www.elitefts.com/documents/adapting_for_commercial_gym.htm

“Box Squats: The box isn?t the key. It is the sitting back to the appropriate depth with proper form and breaking the eccentric/concentric chain that is the key. To do this, you need something that is the right height and is strong enough and stable enough to safely accommodate the exercise. Aerobic steps will work in a pinch. Rubber coated plates can be stacked without slipping. Use a tape measure to determine the right height. I personally use a box made from 2? x 10?s cut 14? long with 2 screws fixing the edge of one side to the end of another piece. I used non-rusting deck screws and drilled pilot holes first to avoid splitting the wood. I measured and cut 2 pieces of ?? plywood and fastened them to the top of the 2? x 10?s using pilot-hole/deck-screw method as before. To carry the box, I bought a wooden float handle from a concrete accessory store and screwed it to the side of the box. I now have a portable, heavy duty box roughly 15 ? ? x 15 ? ?, 10 ? ? high.
I coated the box with a liquid urethane and added rubber granules to make it less slippery, waterproof and to save on wear and tear. The box can be left it in the back of my truck year round when not in use. I finished the box by spray-painting it black with red and blue highlights to make it so ugly nobody would ever want it. To change heights, I add 45# plates as needed. My gym has Irongrip plates and the 45?s are roughly 1 ? ? high. They will vary in thickness so break out the tape and measure to be sure of where you are height wise.”

Also, http://www.elitefts.com/documents/sick-of-your-gym2.htm

Box Squat Boxes: I feel the best squat boxes are those like what we use at Westside Barbell. The way they are made is very simple. We use a 2x4 frame with one support running down the center and a 1/4 inch piece of plywood for the top. Each box is 4 inches in height with a 24x24 top surface. We use a series of these boxes and 1 inch rubber mats (cut 24x24) to get the desired height. The mats go between the boxes to avoid slipping. This makes it easy when two or three people are squatting to change the box height. You can also use the 4 inch boxes for dead lifts (you stand on them). We also use the boxes to jack up the back up the bench for incline or decline work.

What i did is make 1- 8 inch box, 2- 4 inch box’s and 1 - 2icnh box…this is great variety and allows me to do a bunch of things whith the box’s…bm

BM, how did you construct those boxes? could you give me some exact specs? did you use the rubber matting on the top? thanks


lemons i didnt make them my dad did …and i have no clue i will talk to him tonight and get back with yea…bm

Here are the 3 pieces of the box i use. from left to right they are 4in, 2in, and 6 inches. they are standing vertically as you can see. And are made from good quality wood (dunno wat type im no wood expert) but is not the cheapo stuff… they do not slip much when stacked on each other…I suppose i could coat them with some urethane and add some handles to make em easier to carry since the gym does does not allow me to leave them there… CRAP!

Oh BTW they are 50cm by 50cm on the top. thats about what… 20-22 inches? a bit smaller than the WSB ones… but im ALOT smaller than those guys haha… about 185-190lb only :slight_smile: