Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift seminar

Dr. Michael Hartle and myself will be presenting a Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift seminar here in Ft. Wayne, Indiana on Saturday, January 17th of 2004. Topics to be discussed will include functional anatomy, proper technique, and accessory movements that can be used to improve your performance.

This seminar is geared not only towards powerlifters, but anyone who is interested in getting stronger. Please follow the link below to our web page, and click on the link in the top right hand corner marked “Coming Events.”


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at mikerob022@yahoo.com.

Stay strong,

Mike Robertson

Anyone register to go? I did. Actually it is going to be the first powerlifting/weightlifting seminar I’ve ever attended. Looking forward to some specific instruction on the big three and hopefully will be able to pick up a few pointers.


Anything going on up north from Monday, December 22 through Monday, January 5? I’ll be back home again in Indiana.


We are just now starting to get our registration forms back. Even though it had been posted on the web for quite some time, we just got the paper copies out about 1.5 weeks ago.


Nope, no seminars during that time, although we are open for business and have several people coming from out of town to train.

Stay strong

Mike, I may try to attend as well. Coming over from the Toledo, OH area

For those of you who are interested in attending and coming from out of town, we have reserved rooms at the Fort Wayne Hilton for the night before. The Hilton is actually connected to the Grand Wayne Center, and I believe the rooms are going for ~$85 or so (not too shabby for a Hilton!)

Stay strong

Just wanted to let everyone know the seminar was well worth the drive from St. Louis to Fort Wayne. Mike Robertson and Mike Hartle did a great job. They are true professionals. I really enjoyed how they covered all the important exercises we do everyday and made them better by teaching proper biomechanics and injury prevention. The critique I received on my deadlift and squat was right on. Thanks guys for the bang up job you did.


BTW, Dr. Mike. My hand is healing. Thanks for the tip.

Wanted to know if anyone knows of any powerlifting seminars coming to Florida?
Around Orlando area would be even better.
Thanks.GET BIG,