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Squat, Bench, & DL Issues w/Tilting & Leaning


The three big lifts I am having issues with are the Squat, Bench, and DL. I cant determine whether it has to do with my hips, core, lower back, knee or ankle mobility or even my scapula. With the squats I was told from a friend that towards the end of every set on my last rep he said that I am leaning and tilting to the left as I go up from the squat and this occurs with the front squat. On another day I was told with my back squat that I am hyperextending my back more on my left lower back side as I come up than my right side which if you were to look through a side view the bar would not be held in a straight line. The next day, my left lower lat and even the left side of my ribs (side and lower back part) were very tender and sore but only the left lower side only. Im also using a belt as well. This occurs with and even without the belt.

As for the deadlift, its similiar. I feel as if there are some hip rotation involved on my left side. I am starting to do more anti rotation core exercises but Im starting to think it may be something else. I dont think its knee related because I point my toes out and drive my knees out on the way down and up. But for the squat I am thinking that my width is too wide but I tried narrowing my width but it slightly helped a little but on the long run I dont think it will help.

Once I finish my squats my lower back becomes very sore as if I just finished a lower back workout. I then go on to RDL's in which I am starting to notice significantly over time that I just cant seem to say balance with the bar. For example, the bar is hanging lower on one side than the other and at times becomes very difficult for me to keep the bar grinding on the shins on the way up. I always feel a sense of mechanical issues when doing these especially as I come up. I have never encountered such issues like this with my training but I am starting to conclude that overtime the injuries and the inability to stay tight and perform the workouts correctly are getting worst. I was never expecting to have technical issues like this with my training because I am very hard on my technique but its creeping up on me and it came out of no where.


Find a Postural Restoration Institute certified physical therapist. Sounds very much like one of the patterns described and treated by PRI. Essentially an anterior tilt of the left pelvis, posterior tilt of the right pelvis, and a rotation of the whole pelvis to the right. Can be fixed with some positional breathing drills. Find a provider.