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Squat, Bench, Dead Form Checks

I filmed the bar, 135 then 225 each for 5. I had realllllly bad butt wink with the bar and tried to adjust by just going a little higher. I feel like it still doesnt look great though/not deep enough.

Squat 225x5

Probably the least confident in my bench. Think I needed to set the hooks higher so I didnt have to push the bar up so much and could just swing it out horizontally. I’m still having a hard time understanding how to keep shoulders tight when unracking.

Bench 155x5

Feel like I kept the first rep kinda tight, but setting the bar down my back is rounding and im not resetting between reps very well.

Deadlift 315x5

Any help is appreciated. Last week was testing out 1 rep maxes at the end of candito 6 week cycle, so I might just take this week and maybe 1 more week after to work on form/accessories. Thanks!

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