Squat Belt Position

I just want to see where you guys wear your belt for squat. Over the years my belt had made its way up to covering my top two abs. I don’t see people wearing it here for squat. Tried the belt in the lower position and it felt OK but lost some power.

As low as I can get it. I try to get the top of the belt over the middle of my belly button.


Quite low and front lower than back. Probably top edge a bit under an inch above my belly button.

Have either of you guys seen it with high before for squats?

I’ve only seen people deadlift with a high belt. I wouldn’t worry about looking odd if you lift more with it high…

I wear mine high too, like an inch or two below the front of my ribs. I used to put it lower but I find it helps me brace more in that position.

Eric Lilliebridge seems to wear his belt fairly high as well, that’s the only well known lifter that comes to mind.

Seen it, definitely. Just not a fan myself.

And I measure today. I actually get the top of the front of the belt below my belly button.

Not worried about looking odd just wondering if I’m missing out cause I rarely see the belt in the position I wear mine. I feel stronger up high but the belt tends to fit differently on different days where as the belt I wear low to Deadlift fitment is consistent

I have no idea how you wear it that high, personally.

Maybe it feels stronger because it’s covering a weakness in your bracing / breathing?

I bruised some ribs last time my belt accidentally made it up high, lol.

Around my waist. Duh.