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Squat Bar vs Eleiko Bar


I’ve been training Squats with a Stiffer Bar thats probably 32mm … Im competing in the USAPL and am Starting a Meet Prep this week… I’ll be having to use a Eleiko bar which i think is 29mm… Will that make a huge difference for my squat?

People at my gym told me that the thicker bar is more difficult to squat with because its larger.

However im a large man with a very big back im 6’5 350… and I like that bar because it is thicker…

Do you think ill have a issue transitioning to the 29mm bar?


It depends. I find squatting with a Texas or Sportskraft bar much nicer than a standard barbell.

I’d recommend doing a few sessions with a standard bar, or Eleiko bar if possible, just to get a feel for it. A standard bar has more whip than a squat bar which can be disconcerting if you’re not used to it.