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Squat/Bar Question


today was day to squat. felt good physically but the damn bar felt like it was rolling off traps..couldnt keep it right..was it me???just seemed to be rolling down...annoying but still managed a decent session.


are you going low bar?


even if he is, he's doing it wrong. here we go again with high and low bar squatting huh? :slightly_smiling:

my guess would be lack of tightness, no matter what style. posting a video would be way more advantageous for giving appropriate tips than blindly guessing which is what's undoubtly gonna happen here.


yes i am but not crazy low.


Sometimes i think the material of the shirt you are wearing can be a factor, like the dri-fit kind of material. Could be a number of things, grip width, tightness of upperback etc.


This is a problem I have all the time. It blows, especially when you start getting friction burns on your back flesh hahaha. I think i have bled every single squat session for the last 6 weeks.

I've been working really hard to fix it lately, and am getting markedly better. Here's what's helping me

1) make sure the bar isn't bent. Lot of the time a bent bar is the problem
2) Wear a normal shirt (as people already said) . And chalk your shoulders if you can
3) Keep your chest up. Higher bar helps me with this. But when my chest drops, the bar rolls, without fail.
4) squeeze the fuck out of the bar. Squeeze it as hard as you can with your hands, pull your scaps together as hard as you can, and literally pull the bar down into your back. It'll help keep your elbows in one place instead of swinging around and letting the bar move, and will keep your traps tighter and give the bar a solid spot to sit on.

That's what's been working for me lately. Best of luck.


Lol, low bar and high bar both have their merits, and I look more at it from a proportions point of view more than anything else.

I love low bar, but I can't do it, I hate moderate bar, but it gives me a good squat, I love high bar, but I fold over and can't find my balance. It's all the same shit, and just another tool... you simply put the right tool into the job.


thank you all.