Squat Bail Out with Bad Spotter

Hey all first time poster long time reader.

I had a PR squat attempt two days ago and the person spotting me didn’t know how to spot properly and we didnt have side spotters. I failed at the bottom and instead of dumping dorward into the safery bars the spotter pulled me back and I ended up bailing backwards. My right knee made contact with the ground and the my weight tilted my leg slightly outward. So foot, knee, ass on the ground with the inside of my knee on the ground and lots of torquing pressure on my knee and hip rotating out instead of in.

Managed to bail out and not pop anything. My hip is fine but there is a pain on the inside of my knee joint not too bad and I believe it’s easily fixable (i squatted light today and felt no pain during squat) more so just wanted to reach out and see if anyone had experienced this and if they had any long term issues or recovery tips.

Thanks gents.

Sorry, don’t have any advice/tips as my only knee injuries were a meniscus tear and dislocated kneecap.

I have to admit, your spotter here pisses me off. Did you have the safeties up/were they available?

Did you walk your spotter through what you wanted to happen and when?

I feel like most bad spotting experiences can be remedied by a 2 minute conversation prior to lift off.

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I cannot believe you actually call him a spotter. Were there no competent spotters in the gym?

How much weight was on the bar?

To answer everyones questions this is on me more than anything. I moved to a new state and i only ever trained with competitive lifters powerlifting and strongman and assumed this guy had a base level of competence. Safeties were up and I explained what to do but not clearly enough apperently, I think he panicked more than anything.

We had 455 on the bar.

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IDK, I disagree but my opinion doesn’t really matter. I don’t spot squats that I cannot effectively pick up by myself, so I’m still going to blame the spotter.

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Good rule of thumb: If the spotter (single spotter) doesn’t squat close to the weight you are attempting, don’t ask him to spot.

There are exceptions.

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Exactly why I love my power rack and my safety straps, miss a squat, worst injury is my ego.

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Trust me this was a lesson learned. Now i have rehab my fricken knee, frustrating. I just never trained without people who knew what they were doing. General lifters knowledge base sucks.

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Any idea what the injury is?

I wouldn’t be able to name it. I auspect some connective tissue or tendon o. The inaide of the knee was strained. Honestly my biceps hurt more (bicep tendonitis?). Used to happen to us a lot squatting and passing 455 backwards doesnt help.

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Distorsion of the medial collateral ligament?

Is that on the interior of the knee? Thats where I feel the strain.

I would expect a medial collateral ligament sprain also.

Generally very good outcomes, surgery rarely required unless there is also severe damage to the meniscus or other major knee ligament

Best course of action is to consult a physiotherapist (if physios are primary-access carers where you live), or to get a referral for an MRI + physiotherapy and/orthopaedic surgeon review (surgeon review is probably unnecessary, but that could change depending on MRI findings) from a GP

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Minor mcl sprain/strain? Probably not a big deal if there’s minimal pain and no change in movement. Does the knee feel secure?

Take it easy (50%) and wrap it when squatting for a while. Sounds like your lucky.

Wrap it up and squat. At least, that’s what Louie always did. ‘Course Louie was one in a million and perhaps crazy. Actually, see a doctor, haha. Just messin’ with ya.

Yeah it feels good. Safety bar squats dont have any pain. My bicep tendonitis is pretty bad. Cant even deadlift.

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