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Squat Back Pain

After I rack the weight of any kind of squat, I have a lot of pain in my back muscles that run along my spine. I keep good intraabdominal pressure to protect my lower back and i used to be able to overhead squat without any pain. I’m going to the doc but I was wondering if anyone knew about this?

Um your spinal erectors are hurting thats about all any one could tell you with any thing near certainty with what you gave us. info wise. Yes go see a doc

are you keeping a good arch?? is your upper back folding over at all?? squeeze that damn bar try and wrap it around you not just hold it on EVERY rep. many that fold over can correct it by just getting upper bak and lats super tight


I’ve got a good arch, i was actually thinking i may of hyper extended my back when maxing because it hurts to keep an arch now, even without weight, is that probable?