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Squat Assistance

Did a 505# squat today. Got some assistance from a spotter in that he pressed in on my sides at the bottom as I was coming up. It was helpful. Anybody know any thing that will help; what muscles need the work to support the lift out? I filled the lungs with air, pressed out through the belt, ‘locked up’ everything before going down, pulled the bar apart and down into my traps, the whole west side deal. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

For an assistance exercise, I would set the bar in the power rack, so that when I got under the bar I would be below parallel. I would then start the squat in the bottom position. It helped me with my depth and also to increase my power out of the hole.

Thanks for the info…I don’t use a belt unless I am doing pr work, which this was. I have in the past lifted from the bottom but I let it slide out of the routine. I try it again, though. Anything to get that assistance out of the picture…

Box squat might help, as well as glute ham raises. Both of these hit your hmas a gluts pretty hard.

If you want to increase your strength out of the hole add in a speed day. Starting the squat from below parallel doesn’t seem like a good idea especially if you want to avoid back or knee injuries.