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Squat and Stiff-Leg DL Form Check


I would like some comments on my form in these two exercises. Looking at the squat video, I see that my knees travel forward. Is that a problem, because I can't really imagine keeping the lower legs still without falling over backwards when I'm in the hole?


The stiff-legged deadlift. Don't know how to put two videos in one post.


i wouldnt say im any expert on the squat but it seems to me your knees are totally fine but you can see on the 2nd rep your lower back rounds at the very bottom, that used to happen to me so i started streching more. Problem solved

P.S. It always helps to make sure your feet are 100% flat on the ground and your heels aren't lifting off the ground. I notice my friend always does it and it stops him from squatting right


A couple things stand out on the squat video:

  • You are initiating the movement by breaking at the knees. Try to break at your hips by pushing your ass out and sitting back.

  • Try your best to force your knees out in the last third of the descent and in the initiation of the ascent.

  • You want to hold your arch as tight as possible throughout the entire movement. Keep your chest up and try to bend the bar across your back.

Your Stiff leg DL is what I would call a Romanian Deadlift. Again, break at the hips not the knees and hold your arch as tight as possible throughout. Dan John has a good video on performing this lift, you might try to find it.


Thanks for the feedback! Comments on these attempts? The squats felt like they activated the quadriceps more with this technique, while I didn't really feel any difference on the romanian deadlifts.


And the romanians


Thanks, this helps me out too.


rdl's are a staple of my training. i use them for the hammy work mostly.

break at the hips and drive them back to lower the bar. your weight should be on the heels. ride the bar down the thighs to below the knee (or wherever), then stand up by driving the hips forward. it's ok to bend your knees, but i think keeping the bar in contact with your legs the whole time is the key.


You are doing to me what looks like an acceptable high bar squat, w/ feet closer together, more vertical back angle, knees further out over the toes. There is nothing wrong w/ this, but it will recruit your quadriceps and your adductors, but your hamstrings cannot contribute to hip extension in this position.

If you want to 'low bar' back squat, you will need to widen your stance a fair amount. This will help you to stay in balance as you get your butt further back and load up the hamstrings. You will get more forward lean too, as your butt goes further back the bar needs to stay above the feet for the barbell/lifter system to stay in balance. Just remember to keep your chest up, which you do a good job of and it looks like it won't be a problem.

Depending on what your training goals are, you may consider giving it a shot.


Listen to this guy...


The big thing that I'm seeing is that you seem to be shifting your weight onto the balls of your feet as you get further along in your sets on your squats, especially with your left foot. It could just be the angle or something though, but I'd recommend to try to stay conscious of that next time you squat.

Your RDLs look good, just work on your ROM a bit more. I always try to get my torso parallel with the ground when I RDL, but it's important to work within your ROM and not push it if you're starting out with those.

Nice work, OP. Keep hitting the iron. Good luck!


Thanks for the comments, everyone! I'll definitely try a low bar-wide stance set up, and see how it feels.