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Squat and Sprint Program Advice


Hey guys,

I read this article and thought that this method of training seems interesting especially considering that my long term goals involve increases in strength and speed.


While this program is 2 days a week, I was wondering how it would work if it was 3 or four days a week with 2 days only consisting of squats and sprints with the additional day or two involving upper body accessory work.

It would look something like this

Day 1:

Squat: 10X60%1RM
40 yard sprint

40 yard sprint

40 yard sprint

2x3x87.5% and 40 yard sprint

Day 2:
DB incline press 4x10
Chest supported row 4x12
facepulls 4x15
tricep extensions 3x10

Day 3: Same as day 1 except with front squat

Day 4: (Maybe exclude this day)
Bench press 4x6
Chin ups 4x8
Shoulder circuit x3
shrugs 3x12

What are your thoughts on this potential program? Any visible issues or advice? Everythign is appreciated.