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Squat and OHP Focus, Training 3 Days a Week

Hi all. First time poster here. I like 531 progression format but I don’t do bench and deadlift. I do some form of hinge and horizontal press as accessory training but my main exercises are squat and OHP. How to structure my routine to follow 531 principals if I can train 3 times a week and if my 1RM squat is at my bodyweight of 105 kg and my OHP about half of that. My goal is to train regularly and to get stronger bigger and healthier in that proces. Than you.

Hi, welcome to the forums.

The single biggest thing you could do to more follow 5/3/1 principals would be to Bench and Deadlift. The progression best suits the Squat Bench Deadlift and Press. Any particular reason why you don’t do Deads and Benches? I’m not saying you have to, and plenty of people got strong without them, but 50% of 5/3/1 is built around those movements.

The progression format was not designed in a vacuum for plugging anything in the world into it, but rather was made for those movements. The more something resembles those main movements, the better it will work, and the less it resembles those movements, the less it makes sense.

For example, you could do 5/3/1 freestyle swimming, by doing 5 laps at 65% of 90% of your top speed, then 75%, and then doing as many laps as possible at 85%, but that would be completely arbitrary. Complexity for the sake of complexity, in other words for no reason.

What I’m saying is if you’re not going to deadlift and bench, what are you going to apply the 531 progression to?

Makes sense. I won’t do it. Thank you.

Look up Morningstar training from Forever. I highly recommend it.

I completely disagree with @oscare. I see no problem at all with only using 531 for Squat and press, and it’s what I’ve pretty much done for about 2 years.

My reasoning being that I can’t recover well enough from pushing both Squat and deadlift, and my deadlift improves when I push my Squat and do minimal deadlifting whereas the reverse isn’t true. I don’t Bench because I don’t have one and I don’t really care about it as a lift.


Run Building the Monolith. On the middle day, do that hinge and horizontal push that you do.


My toughts exactly. Same story with deadlift and bench just feel wrong. I do good mornings and rdls in place of deadlift and pushups and dips in place of bench press. I looked up the Morningstar template and I like it. I like 531 but it’s gaining cult like followers not much different then Ripp’s SS. Thank you you helped me.

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I actually really like 531 BBB for Bench, because I know it works for me. I just don’t care very much about Bench anymore.

Glad to help, I often worry I’m just turning into a grumpy old man on these forums.


1)either use 531 for squat and ohp, and do whatever the fuck with other lifts
2)use 531 for squat, ohp, and ALSO the things you do for hip hinge and horizontal push… i dont see the reason why cant you do RDL day of 531 instead of conventional/sumo…
Dips might be a bit harder to load, but dips are not a good replacement for horizontal push, so you do need a horizontal or at least somewhat horizontal push… but you can do the same 531 with incline bench or even machines…

If you decide to do this, just do 4 day split over 3 days a week training plan, no problem with that…

I stand corrected. I think I reacted that way because so many people go “I want to do 531 but I also want to completely change everything”. All the above suggestions sound great.

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This worth a run(will still work if drop/replace deads)…