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Squat and Lunge Critique

This is the first time I’ve done back squats in a couple of months. I’m wondering if my form has gotten better. You can’t really tell in the video, but I’m working on driving my head into the bar. However, I’m still wondering about depth. If you read my other thread, some people said it was good, and some said I could be a hair deeper.

I’m not even sure if that extra inch would matter much, but it’d still like a squat where its for sure every time that I’m hitting depth in everyone’s eyes.
Also, how are my lunges looking. Again, some people say their fine, some people say don’t bend the back leg. I’ve noticed that I don’t go to “parallel” on the lunge, so maybe that’s the same depth I’m using in my squats? I’m thinking for my box squats I should take then below parallel, but my lower back rounds a bit.

How much does that matter? These are my ME and DE days. Any other comments you’d like to make about anything else you see in the videos would be appreciated.
ME Lower Body

DE Lower Body


Your squat depth look fine, your back appeared to be okay as well. Just make sure that your hip lines up parallel with your patella or deeper if you prefer. I think modi has some videos of squat with great depth.
Found the link

sit back further,- box squat
try to film your squat videos from the back left/right it’ll make it a little easier to critique more.