Squat and Hex Bar Deadlift Form Check

Hi everyone,
Need tips on how to correct my squat form. I fee like my back or core is not strong enough. I am not moving up in weight as quickly as I thought.



The vids don’t seem to be working. Can you toss them onto Youtube and post the link?

sorry tried to upload from google drive. here are the youtube links

Is there a big tiddy goth girl on the ceiling?

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lol i wish. Just plain boring tile. So that’s one thing wrong. Anything else that I can improve on?

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What he was commenting on was what your head and neck were doing during the lift namely bending to look up at the ceiling.

Everything above your hips/sacroiliac joint should move as a single solid segment. Lumbar/core braced, back tight and neck/head neutral.

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Not a bad squat by any measure but lots to tweak.

Good Morning Squat. See vids in this post:

Open at the hips more so you can sit your torso segment down between your legs vs pushing your butt back. Watch this vid for demonstration/explanation

Watch these vids for general how to squats. If one style or cue doesn’t work for you another one will. Take what works for you and between all these great squatters you’ll put together something decent.

You have very long legs relative to your torso. You’re gonna have a bad time with the squat so stay patient and stay positive. How much weight have you added to your squat in what time period?

Thanks. Will definitely watch these a few times and see if i can fix the good morning lean and also my hips. Will post the next squat video soon.

I started off with 135 which was easy but added 10lbs every week til i got to 185. Thats when I feel like my form started to break down and I had more of a lean coming up. Ive been stuck around the 185 - 195 for over a month now squatting once a week. Now I am squatting twice a week as of last week. I thought my squat would go up quickly like my bench but it hasn’t. I know I should be squatting way more than bench and not the other way around.

This is your hips shooting back out of the bottom. You’re going to have to concentrate on keeping your knees forward when the weight gets heavy.

I tend to press more than I squat as my upper body seems to handle the extra work better. Nothing wrong with that.

BTW, how much weight have you gained in the past month?

I’ve gained about 5lbs. Weight is around 168lbs now. I’m 6’1" and my goal is to get my weight around 185lbs.

I recorded my squats from today. Lowered the weight by 10lbs and focused on using my hips on the way down. Definitely feels weird like I’m not hitting depth but the video shows otherwise. Actually going slightly below parallel. Still looking up. I tried looking straight but the mirror is right in front of me and I lose focus when Im watching myself squat.

Looks better.

Much less good morning going on. Keep opening up the hips as much as you can and let the knees drift where they will so that you can get your torso more vertical.

If a friend has a pair of heeled lifting shoes maybe try them out. They can be pretty expensive so I won’t recommend them outright but will probably allow you to squat more upright if you are so inclined.

Try not like looking at shit lel. What I mean is concentrate / turn your attention to your body’s positioning and maintaining good form.

When I squat I don’t really see much even if fitness sloots be walking all up in front of me. It’s more a haze because my focus is elsewhere.

Maybe hit the hole at bit faster or at least don’t restrict yourself. Kinda looks like you slow down into the bottom.

In one of the vids in the JTS Pillars of the Squat playlist they talk about how you should descend. Pretty much as fast as possible while still maintaining form.

For most people this means a controlled start to maintain good positioning, tightness and balance going into the second phase. Half way down one accelerates into the hole to maximize the stretch reflex/bounce out of the bottom.