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Squat and Doube Dose Surge?

Hello all. I just started my double dose Surge/Spike experiment and so far it seems to be going pretty well.

My routines consist of 3 full body days each day having diff excercises with the main theme of using 95% compound movements.

There is one problem though my squat just isnt going up!

I used to do a 3x5, 5x5, 3x8 and now my pyramiding of 10 reps down to 5 over the course of 3-4 sets and it still is stuck at like 175! I change my rep scheme around every month or so depending if im progessing or not.

Yet my deads have progessed to working up to a 325 single today and a 315 double and 295x5 all deads done after squats i might add.

As far as nutrition, my weight has stagnated at around 187 for a few weeks now up from 165 back in janurary. All lifts are going up accept squat! Any suggestions? Im thinkin of just doing singles for the next couple of weeks till i get to my lay off week. My leg training also consits of romainan deadlifts, good mornings, and split squats.

Also forgot to add my form im using the Dan John potatoe sack version. Chest out, butt back, thumbless, with my shoulder blades tight down to no higher then parrallel. Frustrating to see myself going so low with shitty weight and struggling and those random guys doing like 315 1/8 squats. STole this pic off another post now my new permanat background. Gotta get my squat up.

When you go in do your warm up, “it shouldnt tire you out at all” Then do your heavy set where you pick a heavy ass weight and do as many as you can after that do what you like. Next time you go in use more weight or get more reps with that weight.