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Squat and DL Form


Alright, I need some help here, I need some help with my form for squats and deads. Really what I am looking for here is anyone who knows of a good trainer in the Calgary area to help with my form on those lifts. The trainers I've talked to so far havent been what I'm looking for, from telling me to use the smithmachine for squats to saying I'm going to mess up my knees squating ass to the grass. So if anyone knows any good trainers in the Calgary area, it would be much appreciated. Thankx



I'm not from Calgary...or Canada, but I am your North American neighbor, just a wee bit south of ya'.

You might want to consider checker exrx.net for some video clips of specific exercise technique. Or, consider investing in the squat/deadlift dvd from Elite FTS. I've heard some good things about it, and the Elite/Westside crew undoubtedly know their lower body work: