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Squat and DL Form Check

Well guys, here is a coward lurker giving his face. Ive been lurking T Nation for a good amount of time, and it has guided me through my first three months of “serious” strength training, after years of hitting de gym machines and the blessed curls.
Im currently following Candito’s linear program, after leaving StartingSTrength mainly because my eating habits didnt allowed me to progress as the program dictates.
My lifts have improved so far, but im still veeeeery noobish.

I have no coach and train in a pretty deserted gym, so I’d like to ask from you a sincere opinion about my form, specially to avoid the dreaded injuries.

Low bar squat, 1.2 BW:

Now, DL. IT was my max effort, and my form seems fairly degraded here. My back is rounding a bit, but it wasnt pulling at all:

Lots of thanks :wink:

It doesn’t look like you are properly bracing your abs. It’s really noticeable when you deadlift. Does it feel like you are hyper-extending your back when you squat? That would be a way to overcompensate for not bracing your abs. Learning to brace should be the first thing to nail down in order to make fast progress.

Looks as though you’ve got the same limb proportions as me (especially long-ass femurs)… Have you tried lifting sumo before? Give it a shot and see how it works for you.