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Squat and Deadlift


Hey, is it ok to do squats (I mean trying to lift more and more weight everytime), and no deadlifts at all or I is just a call for injury of lower back?


I don't see how not deadlifting would cause a lower back injury.
You would just need to find another way to hit your hamstrings and lower back muscles sufficiently for growth/strength increases.


Just be shure to work your posterior chain enough: back extensions (aka "hyperextensions"), Glute-Ham raise, Good Mornings, Pull Through, etc...
But why do you want to miss the powerful feeling of holding a heavy, bad-ass looking barbell in your hands? :slightly_smiling:


Oh I don't, but I sprained my back 2 two times doing it because I have very poor tehnique and no one to teach me :slightly_smiling:


man, you should research some info, watch some youtube videos or even ask, but but don't give up such an excellent exercise

here is the mastering the deadlift series, hope it helps

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Deadlift diagnosis


Good luck


This might help as well.


if you get a sore lower back from deadlifting and your form is in check try foam rolling.
people will start thinking i own the rights to foam rolling the amount i praise it but seriously its a saviour.


x2, start with light weights, make videos of yourself for form critique (we can help you...) and practice, practice, practice...then rince and repeate :slightly_smiling:




if i could i would do them both everyday but they work me too much that i need a good rest after.


Ok, I'm thinking of doing front squat on the 1. day, lunges and split squats on the 2. day, front squats ond the 3. day... I think that's covered legs considered? Hyperextensions every workout


Why no back squats? Get under that bar and bend your knees, pussy.


front squats are great. i learned a lot from doing them.

i would enjoy the program you have put together. very painful but fun!


well, when I'm able to clean the weight I can squat above my head, then put it on my back, then do my set, then push it above my head and then throw it down, I'll do that.

Sometimes, you people don't know how lucky you are with your gyms, contrary how many people curls in the squat rack


I really recommend incorporating deadlifts into your routine. My lower back has always been a weak point, and I had "back pain", so for years I made the mistake of avoiding deadlifting and squats. Instead, I would use the leg press and other leg machines. I had trouble when I started with conventional deadlifts so I did Sumos. They were much easier on my lower back (you can start from a more upright position). As my lower back got stronger, I was able to transition to the conventional style. My back is pretty much pain free now, except for soreness after a good deadlifting workout!


if you don't have a gym (thus, no rack) you should learn how to do hack squats and deadlifts and add those in. There's tons of youtube videos of people doing deadlifts, and articles too, all over the internet. Start digging.