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Squat and Deadlift Training


Went to nearby jakked gym for a workout nice set-up they got in Montgomery IL.


good job man, getting real strong on those squats, glad the hammy healed up, what are you going to squat in your next meet?


That is one of the weirdest looking squats ever...but damn does it work for you.


750 hopefully and secure top ranked 242 squat if I can stay under/weigh in under 242 kinda wanna gain some weight


Is there any chance you'll be out there again next weekend? I'll most likely be taking a trip out there with a couple of buddies. It'd be awesome to meet you.



shit man I don't think so, prolly be back at progym in oswego. If We do go back which sounds like we might every once In a while I'll try to remember to shoot you a pm and maybe by chance you are heading up that weekend too.


Sounds good; thanks.



heading to jakked tomarrow man, just a heads up!