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Squat and Deadlift Only


im gonna start building my house this summer so training is gonna be a bit sidelined ,im miles from nowhere n ill be living in a caravan on site .ill be doing pushups n stuff but what can i hope for by only d lifting n squating heavy (with my home made wooden squat rack) . this is the only thing that has interfered with my training for the last 10 years .thanks for any ideas


if you have a rack and barbell and weights, there is no reason to only squat and dl.


the only reason i say sqt n dl only is to keep training to a minimum coz ill be working almost by myself and im trying to get by with minimum training coz ill be F++ked . or what do you guys reckon the minimum ill have to do to maintain the muscle/strength ive got .


You can do a lot without endangering yourself, if thats what you're are scared of.


You can accomplish a lot with a squat rack, barbell, and plates. A little research goes a long way.


i have researched and trained for about the past 10 years im trying to find out what the minimum training i can do just to maintain while im building my house .


Deadlift and squat won't hit everything.


When I was working flat out running my own business all I did for about a year was kettle bell swings and presses and martial arts training. I certainly wasn't in great shape muscle or strength wise, nor was I huge, but for a conditioning/maintenance workout that hits the posterior chain and the pressing muscles in little time its not bad, and all you need is a KB.

With your barbell and rack just doing squats, DL's, presses and their variations you should be able to stay in good shape.


Ah. Well unfortunately that's something you will probably have to find out on your own time. In my opinion your training should give some serious focus to recovery and injury prevention as you're trying to train and build your house, and you don't want one to interfere too much with the other. Of course you are building your house so you may want to give that a little priority. Up to you. Point is you now have two pretty strenuous activities going on so it will take some getting used to.


If you have seriously researched and trained for 10 years then YOU SHOULD KNOW what minimal training it will take FOR YOU to maintain?! And you will be getting plenty of "deadlift and squat" exercise building a f*&king house from scratch!


Push Press, Squat, Bent over row and DL is a reasonable start with your equipment. Go on how you feel, I suspect after a day of carrying building materials around you'll be pretty goosed anyway so even two total body workouts may compromise the house building.


Is this for fucking real?

If you've been lifting weights for 10 years and don't know how to do so in a safe way with every single exercise... then, uh...

I can't even ask a sarcastic question. I'm that dumbfounded.


I am surprised you needed to ask this question too.

I've found myself in similar situations (although not as drastic), specifically with underfloor heating retrofits/tiling/plumbing/extending my own house etc. But it was still manageable to lift 3-4x/week.

Anyway, I'd probably train 3x/week using an abbreviated upper/lower body split.

Diet is the main thing when doing construction! By far the biggest one. This always goes out the window because you are so pre-occupied (can't count the amount of times I "forgot" to eat), and so will gains if you "let it go".

Usually, it's better recommended to diet under these circumstance because your minds not concentrating on how hungry you are (and you are doing cardio too anyway).


Plus he could invest in a KB and a med ball too probably.

You look like you're in a situation where you gotta be creative.


You mean, you can't think of ways to hit all the muscles in your body? I mean, if you are worried bout liftin too much and beatin yourself up, how bout you do a typical bodybuilder but instead of hitting a different body part every day, you work out once a week and hit a body part every week.


I think he meant (he did say) what's the minimum training/exercises he would need to do to maintain most of the muscle and strength that he already has. Lol @ the people getting angry.


Isn't that still kind of stupid?

If you're going to go and workout anyway, why wouldn't you just an extra twenty minutes and do it like normal?


Get some bands from EliteFTS, you can take those fuckers anywhere and with some research I'm sure you can find ways to maintain strength.

I take them with me when I travel and I know I'm not going to have access to a proper gym.


tnanks for all the input . i know what i need to do to maintain strength/muscle and of course i intend to be doing some rows o head presses curls pull ups n chins(once i get bar sorted) but just now my house is my MAIN priority so i aint planning any routines i just intended to do a minimum on a couple of big lifts(when i can)and hopefully ill be able to get back into a routine after a few months when ive got the worst out of the way. i know dl and sqt only wont hit every thing i just wanted some opinions of what effect the minimum amount of training will have on a person .
the first thing thatll be done will be the basement (all concrete) guess what thats gonna be ? .
thanks again


yes this is for fuckin real . if you read my op you would notice there wasnt any mention about doing every single lift safely .
it dumbfounds me the way some people post replies without actually reading the op .