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Squat and Deadlift in Same Workout


What are thoughts of performing squats and deadlift in the same workout (max effort day and speed workout)


Good Luck.


I warm up for deadlifting with squats. I wouldn't go really hard on both the same session though.


You'll get two good sessions and then poundage will go backward or something will break. They really need to be trained separately. With proper choice of assistance exercises they can feed each other workout to workout.


I call BS. West side and some sheiko routines train both the same day. They do not "need to be trained separately."


Thats just stupid.
Since i've been training squats and deads on the same day and in this order, they have both gone up in numbers, and my legs and posterior chain in size.

Squating first warms up everything you'll be using in deads, and it prepares your body to handle heavy weights (your bodyweight + whats on the bar).

I really think you should give it a try.


i wouldnt really do it......


I did it for a few weeks. But not long enough to see any results.

Its pretty damn fun though.


I've had good success training squats and deads together... if you push both hard you've pretty much a full week to recover. What's not to love?


I used to do it, but I found that my body doesn't recover too well from doing both on the same while keeping up the intensity. I can only handle one or the other. I say just give it a shot and see how your body responds. If you can give 100% on both exercises and not be wiped out for days, then keep on doing it. As for myself, it's too much.

Good luck!


During football season, I couldn't train as often so I just packed my squat and deadlift into the same session. Worst decision of my training career. I was training to failure on squat, and then going heavy on deadlift and by the end of it my lower back was incredibly sore and tight. I did get good gains but after about a month and a half everything just started breaking down. If you REALLY feel like you HAVE to do it in the same session, then you have to go light on one of the movements.


I've done back squats and deadlift in the same session but that was in the run up to a powerlifting meet so not really in normal training.

I do front squats and deadlift on the same day. Need to eat a lot of protein and get good rest afterwards to ensure recovery. Though a good bit easier than back squats and deadlift in the same session IMO.


Some people can do it.

If you do, do squats before deadlifts.


It is quite possible ,if you can get our volume/intensity perameters right it can be extremely efective. The biggest thing I have found when doing both squats and deads together is that you can't go all ot on both lifts and expect to recover 100% in a day or two. In order to be effective and avoid injury you need to wave your volume and intensity between the two in order to create balance over time.


I had a professional powerlifter put me on a program where I was squatting and deadlifting on the same day. Deadlifts were 3 times a week with the very gradual increase in weight, dfiferent sets and reps, for about a month. It was brutal but really great.

Squats were always first. This was several months out from a meet. By the time I was about two months out, deadlifts went down to just once a week. (And I won the whole -- my first one!)

Try it. And stretch your back well afterwards!


How is that a bad decision? You said it yourself that you made some good gains. You should have de-loaded for a week or two and hit the weights again, you probably would have seen some more progress.


Great Answer!
I would even suggest that it isn't necessary to deadlift from the floor each week. Any number of variations(high pulls, rack pulls, power shrugs, SLD/RDL, deficit work, etc.) can be done for several weeks without sacrificing any 'top-end' strength. On days when deadlift is the priority I still squat first, but adjust the work as mentioned above. As time moved on and I got stronger, this approach seemed to provide the most recovery. I also include another session for back with a bit of bicep, usually after two days rest.


I did it for a long time. Guys at the gym who are still using conjugate periodization do it as well. I know theyre doing it at Lexen and Westside as well.



It would depend. If you are using a powerlifter style squat it would probably be pretty unpleasant. If you use a high bar/olympic style squat probably doable.


I wish I was a professional powerlifter.