Squat and Deadlift Form Help

I’m new to the forum so some background info, I’ve been workingout for almost 2 years now regurally but have only belonged to a gym with squat racks for 8 months now. I thought I was doing good with my form on my lifts until about 2 weeks ago I started filming myself and I can’t seem to keep my low back arch at the bottom of my squats or get into position for deadlifts I’m attaching a video of my conventional dead, sumo pull, low bar squat and front squat or atleast my best attempts at proper form this far.

Crituque and suggestions welcome please and thank

- YouTube

- YouTube

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- YouTube

I know the quality sucks and you can’t see my feet, I’ve been using my phone propped up with my water bottle. I can try and get a better angle next session if need be

There are no videos

I know my front squat should be deeper but my butt immediatly tucks under after that point and I know my head placement sucks on my conventional

It says ‘this video is private’. you will need to change your youtube settings.

I switched it so hopefully they can be viewed now

looks fine to me. there might be things to pick over (i might learn something!) but looks fine to my eyes.

Maybe I was looking into it too much but I was looking for a little more of a low back arch I guess but if its in a position that’s safe that is fantastic news

It looks like you’re looking down slightly on the low bar squat vid.

Most people sit down more on the sumo DL and start in a much more upright position.

Look further ahead. It seems like you’re staring at your toes, which will make you lean over.

Stay more upright on sumos and fronts.

There’s a weird kink in your eccentric deadlift phase, like you’re consciously beginning to squat. Make that transition more fluid.

Thanks for the tips so far, ill be hitting all those lifts again within the next few days and posting more clips, thanks again

Warm up set today

- YouTube

Went up to 175 depth is questionable but I think the form looks alright let
me know if its still not looking good


The first video is set to private. The second looks pretty good although I would try to go 1-2 inches lower.