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Squat and Deadlift Form Critique

Hello. I would like to hear what I can fix to improve my lifts.

430 X 4

440 X 1

350 X 1 and 395 X 1

440 X 1


Squats: bracing, slightly slower eccentric to stabilize, don’t look down at the ground, bring your eyes about another 5 feet in front of where you’re looking ( granted there’s a wall but the point remains )

Deadlifts: get those knees open more pointed towards the plates. Drive them out to the plates.
Also try to get your shoulders a tad more vertical.

Your hip position is prettty solid we just need your knees and shoulders to cooperate.


For deadlift, open your hips more and get them closer to the bar. Same idea as knees pointed towards the plates pretty much, just a different way of looking at it.

You could probably squat more just by staying more in control of the descent. You look kind of wobbly coming out of the hole, like you aren’t tight enough and not fully in control.

And everything that @corstijeir said.


Thank you guys.