Squat and Deadlift Form Check

I was hoping for a form check on these i tend to have tight hams as well as a tight SI joint on the left side. lots of tight. other then tucking my chin on the deads what do u guys see.



I see your tight hammies are fucking with your entire movement.

Work on scapular retraction, as well as maintaining a tight lower back throughout the movement (squats mostly).
However, it’s going to be incredibly difficult to fix the situation unless you increase flexibility in your hammies.

Your lack of tightness in the upper back is putting a lot of stress on your cervical spine. I’m gonna assume you experience some tightness in the neck/traps.

With that said, beautiful speed on the deads. It looks like you have 315lbs on there and you pick it up easily. Your strength is there, try focusing strictly on mobility and watch your lift go up even higher.

Thanks for the reply man.

looks like I’m going to be stretching dem hammies daily now.

I have never had any issues i can remember with the upper back/scapular stuff being tight but my back has always been my strong point. I see what u mean about being not fully tight i guess i have always shrugged the weight and just held it there instead of pulling the scap downward to create that secure position. which is a bad start in the first place when i think about bar path.

Any definitive routine anyone could suggest for stretching these mofos? not that it matters.