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Squat and Deadlift Form Check

Currently doing juggernaut method,on week 2 of the 10s phase.
introducing free back squatting. plugged in working maxes of 220 for bench, 300 for squat, 365 for deadlift, 135 for press. all are 90% except squat, which was based off of a 300LB front squat max.
have a video of me pulling 365 for a single after pulling 405 while doing an Eric Cressey program.
and a clip of part of my squat workout for this week, 205 for max reps.
Let me know what you think about form, cant tell if squat is high or its just the angle.
for my assistance I am doing pretty much wendlers yoke program. do some jumps and sprints before upper days, and snatches/mb throws before lower.

Lower your stance, straighten your wrists.

300lb Front squat? hmmm…

How does one lower their stance?

Your wrists are fine as your elbows are able to stay in line with your torso throughout the movement. I would suggest sitting back more, because you break with your knees and hips at the same time. Depth is close; I would go deeper, personally, but in most meets I think you would be okay.

I’m more interested in your amazing core strength; how did you manage to stay perpendicular like that throughout the movement?

Heres me pulling 365 for a single after pulling 405 for a single.
Ok ill try and sit back more. as to the core strength thing, not sure what to say. after hurting my back a year ago i primarily front squatted which probably makes me more upright. cressey program i was doing had all that prehab type ab stuff like paloff presses, cable chops and lifts etc… am doing suitcase deadlifts, heavy front squat holds and reverse crunches now for abs.

not sure what the hmmm is for. 300 front squat is pretty reasonable for a single. weigh 195 to 200, bench 240, deadlift 405. hoping that with this training cycle i can bench 275 at least, and get a back squat close to 405, which hopefully will drive my deadlift.

[quote]BigGreen wrote:
Ok ill try and sit back more. as to the core strength thing, not sure what to say. after hurting my back a year ago i primarily front squatted which probably makes me more upright…[/quote]

My joke

Your head

Form looks good to me. Especially the squats.

Squat high or not? Depends what your benchmark is of course. Reps were above parallel.


I would say you’re high though hard to tell with video quality and clothes obstructing the crease in the hip. Here’s a picture I added that shows you at the bottom of your first rep (deepest of the reps), I tried to be accurate with identifying the top of the knee and the crease and you look high. You start cutting depth more and more with each subsequent rep. You need to pull your elbows forward more, if you dont when you start going heavier I bet your chest will collapse some.

When you take your air before you descend you breath into your chest, try to breath into your stomach and then clinch your abs down this will make you much more solid in the midsection. You need to sit back more, your knees are traveling too much, you should break at the hips first and your knees should follow.


Looks pretty good but you’re not locked out, don’t hyperextend to compensate but you need to be standing up straight and you can see your hips aren’t locked and shoulders are too far forward, in a meet you would get red-lighted for this. Once you break the knees, you need to jam your hips into the bar and squeeze the shit out of your glutes.

I also tried to draw a line following your body line, to make it easier to see how your not locked out, but I could be off it’s just a rough estimate. Hope that helps

Here’s the squat picture

I agree completely with UAphenix. Both look good, but you could definitely go a little deeper in the squat and you could definitely squeeze your butt harder and bring your hips through more on the deadlift. Both are little adjustments, and probably won’t hurt your numbers so start doing them asap so you don’t form bad habits. Keep working hard friend

ok, deadlifted friday. top set was 250 x16.
great workout:
250 x10 x10 x16
front squats
185 x 8
205 x 8
225 x 6
w/3 sec pause
front squat walkouts 315 x12 secs x 3 sets
suitcase deads @135 x 4 reps x 3 sets
dumbell swings @45
single leg squats to box 4x6



heres squats from the other day