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Squat and Deadlift Critique

Hey guys would appreciate if you could look over these two videos and tell me what you think.

worked up to 127.5kg but form was bad (knees caving in and ‘double movement’ i.e. hips came up then shoulders) so went back down to 115kg

Been stuck under 130kg for around two years now so help would be much appreciated on this one.

If it’s relevant then I’m 6ft and 86kg.

the reason your hips are coming up so that you have to good-morning the weight up, is that your hips are really far back. by that you have no choice out of the whole except to let your hips shoot up in order to make room for them to come through. doesnt look as bad w/ lighter weight because your lower back can support it but w/ heavier weight youll always get stuck doing it.

how to fix:

  • break a little more at the knees in the beginning
  • force your knees out more
  • try to keep your wrists straighter, that’ll give way more support and also should never fuck them up

about the deadlift not a thing can be said, wtf did you upload there? :smiley: do a 5rm video, then you can really figure out where you go wrong. in the video you uploaded you just didn’t lift so no technique can be analyzed (not hatin’ just statin’). if i had to provide some help based on the video:

  • back needs to stay more straight (chest up)
  • shoulders need to be more over the bar

For your deadlift: it looks as though you’re taking far too much time with your set-up and as a result losing a lot of your tightness. I also can’t tall from this camera angle, but it looks as though your stance is a bit too wide, which might be causing some problems. Try bringing your feet closer together – you and I have similar builds and I deadlift with my feet significantly narrower than shoulder width apart.

Your shoulders also appear to be aligned well in front of the bar. The most obvious thing is, however, your spinal rounding. Really try to take a deep belly breath and to brace your abdomen before pulling the slack out of the bar and then driving through the floor. Don’t allow your back to immediately take the whole load: drive with the legs! You have a decent squat and therefore have the quad/ham strength to do much better on your deadlift – just be sure to drive hard with the legs to initiate the movement.

Check out this video for set-up cues: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bt4m4zLioRw

Thanks guys will try and incorporate this next session. Koopa I will take a 5rm video for you when I’m next in for you too look at.

With the deadlift, i know once i get it 4inches off the floor i can finish it just a matter of getting it off the floor.

The video is very good, was told by a ex-powerlifter friend that my hips are very high when i start

the getting it off the floor part is whats hardest for everyone who ever deadlifted :wink:

the height of your hips is something thats almost completely dependent on your body. as long as theyre lower than your shoulders you should be fine.

as you requested

  • you need to lock your lower back in better
  • push your hips actively through by activating the glutes
  • your shoulders are not at all over the bar, at least it looks like that from this angle; just lean back more and bring as much as possible of you behind the bar

that’d be everything i can come up w/

Drastic improvements since your first post. Nice job! Just a couple of critiques: I wouldn’t do so many reps, especially with shitty form. You do a pretty good job on the first 5 or so reps, but if you compare your first rep to your last you’ll be able to see a HUGE difference. Spend a few weeks at this same weight. Do sets of 5 until you can feel your form start to break. 3-5 sets, maybe more. If you can complete all 5x5 and the form looks good (video yourself), add weight the next week. You look a little uncomfortable in your set position. Try bringing your feet in just a little closer. Works for me, might work for you.

I’ve taken everyone’s advice and here is what resulted, thanks guys!

Still must be room for improvement?

Similarly with my deadlift.

I would widen out 2-4 inches per foot and put the bar higher on your back. try to stay more upright.