Squat and Dead Form Check

Started training my 14yo about 2 weeks ago using Starting Strength. We are learning form and tweaking things each workout. The videos help him see things that need to be fixed as I identify them and then show them to him. Just looking for some critique here to see if I am missing anything…Thanks.




well, my dead and squat are only 385/315 respectively, but i’ll throw my hat in the table if you’d like.

dead - need more leg drive, hipe rise too fast. back needs to be arched harder.

squat - i’d personally have a narrower grip to create a better shelf in the traps, it’s my understanding that wider grips are only necessary with significantly larger and more inflexible lifters. the kid takes a lot of time to get set up under the bar after unracking, that should be worked on. also, from this angle it’s impossible to tell if the lower back rounds or not, but if this is a true low bar squat, i’m thinking it must be rounding at the bottom. I’m all for low squats, but with low bar it’s very hard to get very far below parallel.

hope there’s a little something there. i’m sure some more experienced guys would have more to say or correct what i just said.

Ditto, deads it looks like the hips are rising too quickly.

The squats, is it me or is the bar tilting to the left (his)? If so, make sure it’s sitting balanced on the shoulders or it could cause some problems. Again, as above, squat technique is easier to judge from the side than the front generally.

film the squats from behind to see whats going on with the spine.

Deads: hips raising too fast; when the bar leaves the ground, hips and shoulders should keep the same angle, until the bar clears knee level. Also, he locks out by hyperextending lower back, while he should squeeze the glute and keep a more neutral back.

Squat: bad camera angle; please post a side view (like the one on deads video), but a narrower grip and a higher bar position are probably a wise choice.

EDIT: props for training your kid, man!

I agree with what fabiop said about the dead bro, and would also help him to concentrate to keep his shoulder blades back in at the beginning of the pull…

And the squat is tough to see man, but i would definitely bring his hands in closer to his shoulders to give the bar a better base…

Like everyone else said, can we get some more vids bro?

Thanks for the responses guys! We continue to try and make adjustments to get him dialed in just right. Right now his big thing with the squat is the bar placement. Since he has no real traps yet the bar is pressing pretty good on his skeletal structure. We are making it a point to really tighten up that back and get some trap bump to rest that bar on but it is a work in progress :slight_smile: Good thing is that his hip and ankle mobility are good. I know you can’t see it from this angle but his lower back remains neutral even with him going as low as he is. Going to bring his depth up just a bit so he is not getting too deep.

Deads are getting better. He is strong on them. He is still working on remembering all the different movements and their respective timing. When I have him specifically focus on one thing (maybe hip/glute drive as the bar passes the knee) he tends to forget something else. He was quick to point out that his hips rise too fast once he watched the video.

Going to knock he weight back down and work on that along with keeping the shoulders back. We have discussed all these things and he (being a 14yo that knows everything lol) doesn’t seem to think he is doing them, UNTIL he watched the videos with me. It was like and epiphany.

Thanks for the posts and we will get more vids up next week when we hit it again.

I wish someone had started me lifting when I was 14!


Harder arch in the low back
Head goes up/feet go down, hips go forward
Lift barefoot


Need a vid from the side
Lift barefoot Those shoes look terrible for lifting
Pull those hands closer together to tighten up the back where t bar rest and to keep the upper back from rounding and spoiling the lift.
Bigger chest [shoulders back]
Head up/heels down, hips forward
Stay tall and dip the hips down keep the head high